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  • Proper use of status of major shareholders and precautions: 1. The status of major shareholders must be used within the safe height range; 2. Check before use to ensure that the safety valve and breathing valve are flexible and easy to use; 3. The explosion-proof and fire-proof safety measures for oil tanks are implemented effectively; 4. The oil level in the status of major shareholders should be accurately measured when receiving and delivering oil, so as to prevent overflow or empty; 5. In the process of receiving and sending oil, the flow rate of oil should be controlled, and it should not be too fast to avoid electrostatic accidents.

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Who are principal shareholders in stock market?

This is not to be confused with a majority shareholder or majority stakeholder, which is a person or entity that owns 50% or more of a company's voting shares. Principal shareholders are subject to special Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing rules that pertain to insider trading.See all results for this questionWho Are the Shareholders of GO-JEK? - EmerhubNov 15, 2018 · Major shareholders in GO-JEK Go-Jek is legally incorporated in Indonesia as PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa. According to its corporate record, the company has official paid-up capital of IDR 445,979,109,000 (roughly USD 30 million). Source: Company profile via Emerhub registryWhat is a majority shareholder?A majority shareholder is a person or entity that owns and controls more than 50% of a company's outstanding shares. If they are voting shares, this gives the majority shareholder control of the vote. Schedule 13D is a form that must be filed with the SEC when a person or group acquires more than 5% of any class of a company's shares.See all results for this question

What does it mean to be a substantial shareholder?

Substantial Shareholder means in relation to a company, a Person holding five percent (5%) or more of such companys issued share capital or of such companys voting rights; Loading status of major shareholdersSee all results for this questionWhat are the different types of shareholders?There are basically two types of shareholders: the common shareholdersCommon StockCommon stock is a type of security that represents ownership of equity in a company.See all results for this questionTop Tesla Shareholders - InvestopediaDec 15, 2020 · Top 3 Individual Insider Shareholders Kimbal Musk Kimbal Musk, the younger brother of Elon Musk, owns a total of 629,740 Tesla shares, representing

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Status of major shareholders; Distribution of shareholders; Shareholder meetings/IR calendar; FAQ; IR related inquiries; Page Top. Aichi Steel Corporation. 1 ,Wanowari, Arao-machi, Tokai-shi, Aichi-ken 476-8666, Japan TEL +81 (52) 604-1111 <Main reception> FAX +81 (52) 603-1835; About Aichi Steel;THE WORLD BANK INVESTOR BRIEFThe World Bank is treated as an exempt issuer under the US securities laws since 1949 in recognition of its status as an international organization in which the U.S. is the largest shareholder (with about 17%). The United States membership in the World Bank was authorized by a federal statute known as the Bretton WoodsSome results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement. For more information, please see here.Substantial Shareholder definition - Law InsiderSubstantial Shareholder means any Person whose interest in the Company, whether legal or beneficial, direct or indirect, may cause any shareholder of the Group to be liable to pay tax under section 551 of the Tax Act on or in connection with the making of a Distribution to or in respect of such Person including, at the date of adoption of this Article, any holder of excessive rights as defined status of major shareholders

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* The above major shareholders are the stock ownership status of shareholders over 5%. * As of December 31, 2018, the number of total common shares outstanding is 68,764,530. * Holding shares and ownership of Blackrock fund advertisers are as of August 4, 2020.Status of the Stock | Stock Information | Toyo Ink SC HoldingsDec 31, 2020 · Name of Shareholders Number of Shares Held (1,000 Shares) Ratio of Voting Rights (%) 1: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. 13,646: 23.41: 2: The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account)Status of shareholders | Status of stocks | Stock status of major shareholdersStatus of shareholders Biggest shareholder and related person This is the Biggest shareholder and related person table Name, Relation, Relation, No. of stocks possessed & share ratio etc.

Status of major shareholders | To our stockholders status of major shareholders

Sep 30, 2020 · IRStatus of major shareholdersStatus of SharesNippon Light Metal Holdings Company, Ltd.Mar 31, 2020 · Nippon Light Metal Holdings Company, Ltd., is a holding and controlling company of the entire Nippon Light Metal Group and responds to the sophisticated and diversified needs for aluminum and aluminum related materials under the renewed corporate governance system performing management strategy planning and effective allocation of management resources to respective Status of ShareholdersIR Information Tokyo status of major shareholdersAug 31, 2020 · Find the status of shareholders for Tokyo Individualized Educational Institute, Inc. Access a combined package of information on the company's shares and their distribution.


Sep 30, 2020 · Shareholder & Investor Information; Share Information; Status of Shareholders; Major shareholders; Breakdown by Investor Type; Distribution of Shares by Shareholder Type; Changes in Number of Shareholders; Major shareholders (As of September 30, 2020)Status of Shareholders | Stock Information | I-NET CORP.Sep 30, 2020 · Authorized shares: 60,000,000 shares: Number of shares outstanding: 16,242,424 shares: Capital: ¥3,203,992,690: The number of shareholders: 4,480 peopleStatus of Shareholders | JVCKENWOOD CorporationMar 31, 2020 · Status of Shareholders Status of Shareholders. shareholder information (As of March 31, 2020) Basic information status of major shareholders 48,147: Shareholder Composition. Major Shareholders (Top 10) Name. Number of stocks held (thousands) Ratio of. shareholding (%) The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (trust account) 11,661: 7.13: Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd status of major shareholders

The status of major shareholders processing performance is good. Due to the uniform control of steel plate performance, excellent performance coordination and good toughness guarantee, the steel plate bending processing, drilling, cutting and other mechanical processing properties are excellent. In addition, the surface of the status of major shareholders steel plate is smooth and beautiful by inhibiting and removing oxide scale from slab heating to rolling process and heat treatment in furnace without oxidation atmosphere.

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